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Below is just a small cross section of the type of repairs we carry out. Please note, we also offer other repair services, if you have a problem that is not listed below please get in touch, as we will more than likely be able to help you.

Misted Sealed Units


We can replace misted sealed units at a fraction of the price compared with replacing the whole window.

The Window Repair Guy is a specialist in replacing misted sealed units to high performance glass sealed units and are all backed with a 10 year guarantee. 

PVC Door Locks


Faulty PVC door lock? - Look no further than The Window Repair Guy. We will endeavor to repair rather than replace all types of faulty PVC door locks, this will minimise any possible damage to your door.

Due to the complexity of PVC door lock repairs, someone who has the required skills and expertise should carry them out. PVC door lock repairs carry a risk of cosmetic damage if not carried out by professionals.

Window Locks And Hinges


Window locks and hinges are more likely to get damaged or work incorrectly as they are moving parts. It’s likely this will also cause draughts.

If you are having problems when opening, closing or locking your PVC windows then please get in touch. We can install new components to your existing windows for a fraction of the cost of new frames.

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